• Acceleration with


    SiteCelerate optimizes & accelerates images & text for servers delivering Web sites & Web applications. It speeds up delivery of Web content, adds scalability, improves site performance & provides an excellent experience to Web site visitors.
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  • Orchestrate Digital Content with


    TeamSite is a content management platform that enables businesses to manage content across all web-based applications, enterprise portals & web sites. It delivers on everything businesses need to create, manage, deploy & integrate content across the all on-line channels.
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  • Optimisation with


    SiteCelerate the award winning technology has helped making web applications up to 1000% faster. With over hundreds of installations, it has helped many organizations improve Total Customer Experience, handle more users while reducing operational & capital expenditure.
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  • Building Enterprise Application with


    Liferay is an enterprise portal solution with a complete portal services necessary to deliver a single point of personalized interaction with applications, content, business processes & people. The unified user experience can help you improve overall productivity & customer satisfaction.
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  • Compression with


    SiteCelerate is deployed in-front of web servers functions by compressing, optimising & smart caching all digital content. Web sites, web applications & portals that are optimized & accelerated by SiteCelerate downloads faster, responds better & delivers a much more compelling user experience.
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  • Manage Digital Content with


    Magnolia is a Web Content Management System that focuses on providing an intuitive user experience in an enterprise-scale system. It acts as a powerful content orchestration hub for integrating & managing all enterprise digital channels.
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  • Speeding with


    SiteCelerate gives IT organizations a simple & powerful way to improve application performance & availability. It accelerates & optimizes essential web applications by offloading & consolidating common tasks, so that server resources can be dedicated to the application itself.
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  • Charity Campaigning with


    Liferay is an enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results & long-term value. It includes a built-in web content management allowing users to build websites & portals as an assembly of themes, pages, portlets & a common navigation.
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  • Achieve Performance with


    SiteCelerate eliminated bottlenecks within our application infrastructure & delivered an immediate improvement in the overall end-user experience. It delivered immediate ROI through a dramatic increase in server efficiency.
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About Us

We are driven to assist you run to your business Faster, Better and Smarter

Arahe is in the business of maximizing the value of the customers we serve. Our goal is to deliver solutions using effective technology and business process. We believe that only when our customers win, we win. We do so by innovating practical technologies and solutions that can improve your bottom line.

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Web Acceleration

Increasing performance and scalability of web based applications and websites

With the continuing massive increase of mobile devices in today's market and the increasing demanding user expectations of web performance, many organisations are challenged to improve their web services to better serve their customers around the world.

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Enterprise Applications

Delivering rich and enterprise applications to address your specific needs

Our proven methodologies, well-managed processes and the eagerness to delight customers in the timely delivery of a packaged solution that is altogether intuitive to use, highly relevant and most importantly, complete. Increasing productivity, save time, cut costs and maximise shareholder value.

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Digital Content

Building highly dynamic & interactive digital content

Content Management Technology delivers on everything businesses need to create, manage, deploy and integrate digital content across the all on-line channels.

Arahe can help you to deliver a personalised customer experience with powerful digital content management system.

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Customer Support System

Delivering efficient customer service

Improving communication between business and customers, the outcome of the relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive.

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